Level The Paying Field is a six-part series that seeks to uncover the invisible drivers of the gender wage gap. This show is hosted by Kadie Philp, Commissioner and CAO of Ontario’s Pay Equity Commission.

It’s taken over 20 years to close the gender wage gap by 8%.  Progress is being made, and yet the gap persists in part because 70% of the gap remains unexplained.  Join us in exploring the invisible drivers of the gender wage gap together with leading experts and renowned researchers.

Season two of Level the Paying Field seeks to uncover hidden biases in the labour market and illuminate how to confront and eliminate them.  In order to level the paying field, join us in elevating the equity conversation to make the world a more equitable place for women to work, live and thrive and support closing the gender wage gap.

Ontario’s Pay Equity Office celebrates international communications award for Level the Paying Field series

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