Episode 4: Women, Work, and Inequity and Women of the Pandemic

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The story of the pandemic was different for women.  Author and Journalist Lauren McKeon argues that, in many ways, the story of the pandemic is the story of women.  In her most recent book, Women of the Pandemic, she documents how “women have never before played such a vital, essential role in a global crisis,” and that “they’ve also been the ones who suffered the most”. Lauren’s research covers gender inequalities, gender and power, gender and inclusion, as well as racialized aspects of both gender and power for working women. In this conversation Lauren shares what her research has uncovered about women, work and inequity.

  • Kadie Philp, Commissioner and CAO, Pay Equity Commission of Ontario
  • Lauren McKeon, Deputy Editor at Reader’s Digest Canada and the author of Women of the Pandemic: Stories from the Front Lines of COVID-19.
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